Socially responsible and ethical companies

Running a business that is not only profit-driven, but benefits all of its collaboratorss, communities and the environment is not just a trend, allowing a business to stand out from the competition or attract investment, but now already a necessity for businesses, regardless of their location, size and scale. We are happy to work with businesses that, like us, want to make a positive impact on the business world, communities and the environment. In addition, we analyze, audit and implement changes in businesses to meet current ESG (sustainability reporting) requirements.

Who is the service aimed at? 

Owners of shares in commercial companies
Members of the Management Board 
Managing directors

What do we offer as part of the service?

Audit of companies for compliance and conformity with applicable laws in the areas of environment, social responsibility, corporate governance, as well as other applicable laws.
Advice on issues relating to social, environmental and corporate governance issues in business and on the application of existing legislation to a particular business or industry. 

Drafting of recommendations as well as support in the implementation of requirements and standards, including the development of documentation (internal and with external parties), related to organisational changes, management and control processes as well as changes in the existing documentation itself.

Adaptation of company documentation and organisation to future legal changes.
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