About us

We are not a typical law firm. We are a place where tradition and ethics are combined with novelty and a partnership approach to our clients.  We carefully select clients, putting the needs of each client at the center of our work. We have an unquenchable energy to solve problems and face the challenges of our clients. We have extensive knowledge and experience in business legal services and international business law, making us not only your close advisors but also partners on your path towards success.

Our Mission

As a boutique law firm, we selectively choose cases, treating each one with the utmost commitment. We are determined to effectively solve legal problems and face our clients' challenges, adapting to their unique needs. Additionally, our professed values inspire us to promote ethical business and its sustainable development.

Our values


We focus on tailoring our services to the unique needs of each client. Instead of a corporate structure and atmosphere, we choose direct relationships with our clients and colleagues. We focus on quality rather than quantity of cases so that we guarantee each client a personalized approach, full commitment and focus on their case.


We rely on creativity and innovative thinking, so we are able to deal effectively with difficult and precedent-setting cases. We are not afraid to take on challenges that others would consider too difficult. We are supported by modern technologies to guarantee our clients the most optimal and effective solutions.


We are constantly striving to not only meet but exceed our clients' goals. Challenges, regardless of their complexity or scale, drive us to action. We do not back down from any adversity, flexibly adapting our strategy to the current situation while staying vigilant and motivated during each stage of the case.

Social responsibility

We act ethically and responsibly not out of necessity, but out of conviction. We focus on working with clients and partners who have a positive impact on business, communities and the environment. Through our practice, we contribute to building a more just society and companies that pursue their business in compliance with the principles of sustainable development.


For us, the practice of law is not just a profession but also our passion that drives us to achieve exceptional results for our clients. With experts from all corners of the legal world, our team is ready to meet the challenges of any business sector by handling every case with unwavering motivation and commitment.


We are here to effectively solve our clients problems. Our knowledge and experience allow us to quickly determine the best action for each situation that will guarantee concrete results. Our clients can be sure that they will receive not only professional advice, but, above all, a proposal for specific actions that will bring the expected results.
Hummingbird - the icon of our values
The hummingbird, though small and inconspicuous, is a symbol of determination, agility and creativity. It is these qualities, which make it one of the most unusual creatures on Earth, that are reflected in our law firm's philosophy.
DeterminationTraveling thousands of kilometers and overcoming numerous difficulties, the hummingbird reflects our determination to achieve our clients' goals. In the dynamically changing world of law, the hummingbird represents our ability to adapt flexibly to new circumstances.
AgilityIn the dynamically changing world of law, the hummingbird represents our ability to adapt flexibly to new circumstances.CreativityThe hummingbird, capable of flying in any direction, symbolizes our innovative approach to solving legal problems.
Behind the success of our law firm are its people - reliable, experienced and passionate about their work.
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